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Better your School Travel with the Worlds First Online Student Travel Management Platform, introducing, GoExHUB.
Our company vision is to help every student to identify their core strengths and to help them pursue their ultimate goal.


Hassle Free Trip Planning & Execution, with a wide variety of trips designed for you.


Range of Passion-based and Subject-Centric Trips for all students.


Complete Transperancy and Paper Free Documention with Record keeping, for their peace of mind.

Brand new SaaS with unlimited power and customization possibilities

Our Software as a Service has the potential to be customised not just to every school, but to each and every student and their personal goal and aspirations. 

Our Vision and Programs

Our company vision is to create innumerable mini-networks of students, parents and schools to help the proper pursuit every students’ passion. Whilst we accomplish this, we are consistently work on building our network with reputed services and experience providers. This will help students better identify what they truly love and enjoy immersing themselves in. Our position for any growing student is vital as it proves to fuel great intrinsic motivation in their learning curves. 

Adventure Camps

Often, our expectations are not met by what we get on arrival to our destination. We try and completely avoid this through extensive reconnaissance with drones and site visits. After you login, you can see these at Our Trip List section.

Community Service

We at GoExHub believe in the act of giving back to the society, however this is only truly impactful when done with consistency. We aim to link UN’s SDG’s with our service projects to help students recognise the work they have done.

Experts and Mentors

By connecting apprentices to true mentors we feel we are opening new options for the youth in India, and aiding their growth in fields that they love.

Experiential Learning

Passion-based or Subject-based, our trips are truly immersive thanks to our global network. We partner up with the best local agencies across the globe to gurantee safety and a good time always. 

GoExHub in Numbers

Our network is vast and to give you an idea of how far we have gotten till now…

Adventure Camps

Experts / Mentors

Service Programs

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