The smarter, faster and better travel manager.

Better your Schools’ Travel Management with the Worlds First Online Student Travel Management Platform, introducing, GoExHUB.

Inspire Students

Inspiration through experiential learning will stay with you for a long time.

Save Money

Complete transparency and clarity in all travel bookings made.

Easy to Use

Simple yet sophisticated platform that is very user friendly.


GoExHUB is a Gurgaon based startup offering a product that legitimizes a tech-based smart student travel management platform. Our team has a combined experience of over 10 years in the Travel industry and this product aims to bridge gaps between schools, parents and students. We aim to leverage technology to do this through boosting transparency and increasing levels of personalization in the realm of student travel in schools today. Our ultimate goal is to give parents and students the power to participate in decision making of travel to help student better pursue their passions and hobbies.

Our Company Vision is to create mini-networks of students, parents and schools to help the proper pursuit every students’ passion. Whilst we accomplish this, we are consistently work on building our network with reputed experience providers. By connecting apprentices to true mentors we feel we are opening new doors to inspiration for the youth in India. Our product is essential for any growing student as it proves to fuel great intrinsic motivation in their adolescent lives and dynamic learning curves.

We want students to pursue their passions, Travel is just a medium.

OUR team

No company can succeed without a good team backing it, and we agree. Here are the people who have been taking us to new heights through their dedication.


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GoExHUB Features

Our system has a variety of features in built to provide the parents, teachers, and school happy. Take a look at the features!

How it works?

Our system has a variety of features in built to provide the parents, teachers, and school happy. Take a look at the features!

For Schools

Login First

This allows you to view all our destinations and experiences.

Manage Students

Upload Students’ Lists and details to map Trips to Students

Smart Recommendations

Use our suggestions or custom filters to best discover trips for students’ groups.

Communicate with Ease

Send Instant Shout-outs and Emails to Parents & Students through smart networks to allow for 100% paper free travel.

Hassle Free

Leave the rest to us, from execution to de-briefing, its all on us.

For Students

Login First

This will involve a quick profiling of your likes/hobbies and interests for our algorithm to understand your level of enthusiasm better.

Range of offerings

View Our Travel Recommendations or Browse and Choose from the range of our offerings.


As you save and like our trips, respective parents are notified of your activity, seeking approval and a final go ahead.

common interest groups

We work towards building common interest groups to successfully launch our trips and yours dreams into the future.

Travel Coordinator

Travel Coordinator will be in touch with you for all documentation and through the travel diaries you will write.



  • Schools/Institutions can opt in to work with us at anytime of their academic year, for any number of students.
  • Once we are notified of your interest in GoExHUB, we generate a login for the School/Institution to enable their viewing of our destinations and products of our partners.
  • Once the first booking is made and the trip is executed, we will formally invite them to be a part of our GoExHUB regime.


  • In the month of November, we launch our mobile application, which is targeted to students, parents and teachers.
  • This application can be integrated with any school application to help build a single network of all student related activity.


Frequently asked questions

We know that you may have doubts and we have already worked on that! Find the answers to some commonly asked questions in our FAQ section.

Students never travel without supervision we have experienced trip coordinators to help students maximise their learning outcomes and enjoy their trip to the fullest.
We do not encourage students travelling alone as that is very difficult for us to execute. However passion based trips are best executed when like-minded individuals travel together, to foster an effective learning environment in these groups.
There is no set amount of children in each group however as we get queries we try and best accommodate all requests.
Groups can intra-school as well as inter-school, this encourages a lot of personality development learning objectives and help students get further faster in their areas of interest/passions. We also encourage students to take initiative and make their own groups and contact us for their ideal passion-based holiday.